Friday, January 16, 2009

Your Hopes for the Obama Administration

January 15, 2009

I Hope So, Too

What are your hopes for the Obama administration? The New York Times asked more than 200 people in 14 states (half red, half blue) to identify their greatest hopes for what Barack Obama might accomplish during his time as president. Their answers do not represent any kind of scientific sample—they come from people who shared their thoughts outside supermarkets, at parks, in restaurants.

We grouped their responses into the 29 "hopes". Click on each speech bubble to hear their voices, and then choose the hopes you agree with by clicking on "I Hope So Too." Use the tabs to see which hopes are the most popular. If your hope is not represented below, include it in the comments section.



Dianne said...

that is fascinating!!

SandyCarlson said...

He is the image of perfection to me. So is his family.

Jim said...

I guess my kiddie filter did away with the bubbles, there weren't any.

My hopes are pretty high for him even if he isn't from Texas or even from the South!

Have you been missing me?

We just returned to the cold (30's around here in the evenings last couple of nights) from a 10 day Caribbean cruise on the Queen Mary 2.

I have started to blog again now after a two week break (did put on a poem on the other blog yesterday). I hope I can keep up now but it may still be slow going for me.
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DrillerAA said...

My hope is that he respects the office and the people that put him in that office. Not the Democratic Party, or the Electoral College, but the millions of Americans who trusted him enough to vote for him. My hope is that he will be honest with the American people. If some of his programs are not feasible, just tell us. If some are too expensive to put into place, just tell us. Don't try to govern with smoke and mirrors. My hope is that when he leaves the office, both the office of president and the country will be better places than they were when he got there.

Travis said...

My hope is that he is the "Uniter in Chief".