Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skywatch Friday

Do the clouds and the sky mean to tell us anything?

I don't know, I don't speak their language. ~maryt


Arabic: سَماء، جَو
Chinese (Simplified): 天空
Chinese (Traditional): 天空
Czech: obloha
Danish: himmel
Dutch: lucht
Estonian: taevas
Finnish: taivas
French: ciel
German: der Himmel
Greek: ουρανός
Hebrew: shamaim
Hindi: aasmaan
Hungarian: ég
Icelandic: himinn, himinhvelfing
Indonesian: langit
Italian: cielo
Japanese: 空
Latvian: debesis
Lithuanian: dangus
Norwegian: himmel
Polish: niebo
Portuguese (Brazil): céu
Portuguese (Portugal): céu
Romanian: cer
Russian: небо; небеса
Slovak: obloha; nebo
Slovenian: nebo
Spanish: cielo
Swedish: himmel, sky
Turkish: gökyüzü, gök


Arabic: غَيْمَه
Chinese (Simplified): 云
Chinese (Traditional): 雲
Czech: oblak, mrak
Danish: sky
Dutch: wolk
Estonian: pilv
Finnish: pilvi
French: nuage
German: die Wolke
Greek: σύννεφο
Hebrew: anan.
Hindi: baadal
Icelandic: skÿ
Indonesian: awan
Italian: nuvola
Japanese: 雲
Korean: 구름
Latvian: mākonis
Lithuanian: debesis
Norwegian: sky
Polish: chmura
Portuguese (Brazil): nuvem
Portuguese (Portugal): nuvem
Romanian: nor
Russian: облако; туча
Slovak: oblak
Slovenian: oblak
Spanish: nube
Swedish: moln
Turkish: bulut
~ Lobosito Marino ~

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Bond said...

Man - you have that sky photography nailed Mary!

maryt/theteach said...

Gee, Vinny, thank you! :)

WillThink4Wine said...

Hi, Mary! I didn't realize you were doing SWF's! Great shots! The colder air made4 for some wonderful skies, didn't it?

I've had to cut back on my wt4w blog - my cats have gone and gotten too darn popular! I pretty much only do My World Tuesday and SWF now because they focus on photography which I love and I am trying to improve upon so that I can justify the camera I really, really want!

We were driving through Manhattan (I believe) when I took the shots of the GWB. Honestly, I don't know how you New Yorker's can drive in that traffic every day! Yikes! I like country roads! I prefer to take the scenic route and avoid the highway whenever possible. It's much better for my sensibilities!

Jan said...

Beautiful skies and the work lists are a great idea. Now, if I could only pronounce some of them.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

cotton candy without the pink stuff.

Anonymous said...

Lovely puffy clouds you've got us today. I like how you've translated most of the words sky & clouds in so many languages, I could only recognise both Chinese versions, Indonesian, Japanese & the Korean :P
Happy Weekend Mary!! {HUGS}

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The clouds look like flattened cotton balls. Neat, Mary. Where did you find all those words for sky? What a clever idea!

Marilyn said...

I think that fence was built by the same guy that built mine... I love your turkey banner.

magiceye said...

in hindi sky is 'aasmaan'
and clouds are 'baadal'

Leora said...

Love the top photo; is that a rotting baseball field underneath?

In Hebrew, sky is shamaim and cloud is anan.

Ivanhoe said...

How sweet! You have Czech in there :o) Love it!
Sky sure is "obloha" and also could be "nebe".
Have a great weekend, Mary.

Debbie said...

Beautiful clouds in the first two - what a change in the third one.
Nice captures.

Gattina said...

Wow ! what blue skies ! I saw this morning very special once but it was to late for posting today. I feel much better, the pharmacy guy gave me the right medication. Fortunately, being sick during holidays is no fun !

boliyou said...

I like those sky photos. I'll have to try one of these, myself.

The translations really made it fun, too. It's interesting that Sky and Heaven are the same word in German. I wonder if that's true for other languages, too.

Colin Campbell said...

Tres bon ciels

david mcmahon said...

In Australian, the clouds mean: ``God bless and protect you.''

Love the second shot, Mary

haleyhughes said...

Thanks for the fluffy white clouds today. I don't think I've seen much of those around my neck of the woods lately. Happy Skywatching~

Carletta said...

Beautiful skies Mary! I LOVE the first one.

Digital Polaroids said...

Excellent pictures and a great lesson, Teach!

storyteller said...

Wonderful skies … interesting lesson.
Hugs and blessings,

Raven said...

Love the word list... very interesting. Nice shots, too, especially that first one.