Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ruby Tuesday ANSWER

You guys were such sports and played our game in Ruby Tuesday so well.

(Embiggen the photo to see the ghost looking out at us! I've put a square around it.)

I never saw the ghost when I took the picture!

Now I want to tell you that LOIS GREBOWSKI was the first to guess

"Is it the ghostly looking reflection in the windows?"


then Katy said

"Is it your reflection in the window? What a fun game."

Well I don't think it's my reflection... I'm sure it's a ghost!

Babs and Sanni also guessed correctly! And Carletta saw TWO CREATURES! Ha!

Judi saw something really interesting which I didn't see - A Star of David on the pumpkin's black top hat! Do you see it?

Lots of people thought the GARGOYLE in the lower right corner was the thing and several people thought an air conditioner in the window in October was odd.

Thanks everybody. You've been great!

NEXT WEEK we'll do Halloween Costumes or Decorations with RED in them, ok?

And for all the people who live in countries that don't celebrate Halloween, you can post ANYTHING YOU WANT! but don't forget to include some RED.

See you next week!



Maggie Moo said...

Yeah-I never would have seen that. Great job Lois!!!

Julie said...

I try to spend a couple hours touching base with everyone and you make my brain hurt!

Very cool picture Teach. I was more interested in the colorful plants!

Eerie image though!

Jan said...

I NEVER saw that, and I'm such a geek, I looked and looked. Good one.

Anonymous said...

I stared at that picture for a long time. I kept seeing that, but it didn't register as unusual to me.

Am I weird?
(no comment...)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

i need better glasses!

Mo and The Purries said...

Wow, my desktop monitor clearly doesn't have that great of resolution.
Either that or the ghost showed up after I looked.
In either case = congrats to those who saw the ghost!

Anonymous said...

I did see it, but was unsure of what it was! Nice job and what fun guesses.

Carletta said...

This was a lot of fun Mary!
I still see other's looking out to the left of your square and just above that - two pair of binocular like eyes!
So much fun!

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was in need of new glasses (or less white wine) *g*

Thanks for the fun, Mary!

Looking forward to all those spooky decorations and costumes. :-)

Maria's Space said...

I still don't see it. Damn I really want to see the ghost. GRrrr...
I thought it was the gargoyle on the roof that was interesting.

That was fun though.

Maria's Space said... I see it. Since I am an avid (insert me cracking my knuckles) Ghost Hunter viewer, I believe that with the amount of reflection showing on the entire window this odd reflection can be debunked. The shadowing under the horizontal lines create a textured reflection and the brain makes up the rest. Our brain sees what is familiar out of abstract things so...

Damn, I felt so smart there for a split second...

Stepping off my soapbox.