Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blue Ribbon Blogger

Hey Everyone! My dear friend, Penelope of Cafe at the End of the Universe, has awarded me the BLUE RIBBON BLOGGER award! Here's what she wrote:

"It is that time again when
The Cafe at the END of the Universe
selects a blog to be the feature
blog of the month.
any blog could win this honor,
but something about that blog makes them
stand out in my mind...
With that the SEPTEMBER

Mary, The Teach of Work of the Poet

A college teacher of literature, blogging and beginning computers. A fellow Gemini, a great friend, a wonderful lady and the hostess with the mostess of Ruby Tuesdays.

Congrats my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Is that the nicest thing for her to do? Thank you so much Penelope! You're a doll!



Desert Songbird said...

You're certainly blue ribbon in my book, Mary!

Anonymous said...

Well-deserved, hon!
Have a great day!

Barb said...

A wonderful award for a wonderful blogger! Congrats and enjoy your day.


Ivanhoe said...

Congratulations, teach! You sure deserve this award and not only for the record-breaking Ruby Tuesdays :o)

Putz said...


Putz said...

i can't watch the debate tonight....big oreegon utah ball game...must see

Akelamalu said...

Congratulations on the award and I love your new banner!

Bond said...

Well have begun a huge community of bloggers and we appreciate it

Jamie said...

Congratulations. More than well deserved and I love the jack or lantern ghosts.

crazy working mom said...

Congrats, my friend!