Sunday, August 03, 2008

Solzhenitsyn Is Dead

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Is Dead at 89
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel Prize-winning author whose

books chronicled the horrors of the Soviet gulag system, has

died of heart failure, his son said Monday.

From Wikipedia:
He was a Russian novelist, dramatist and historian. Through his writings, he made the world aware of the Gulag, the Soviet labour camp system, and, for these efforts, Solzhenitsyn was both awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1970 and exiled from the Soviet Union in 1974. He returned to Russia in 1994. That year, he was elected as a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the Department of Language and Literature. He is the father of Ignat Solzhenitsyn, a well-known conductor and pianist. He died at home from heart failure on August 3, 2008.



SandyCarlson said...

He gave us many great gifts and shared some amazing insights in his time. God's peace to him.

Jamie said...

May he rest in peace. He opened a window on a hidden world.

jmb said...

I remember reading those very depressing books. Very powerful they were howeverm with Cancer Ward being the one I "liked" best.

Greyscale Territory said...

His remarkable work should be a legendary warning that what we believe simply cannnot happen in a civilised world, did and could happen!

An incredible, amazing individual. A human landmark in history!

Gattina said...

I saw it this morning in the News. A very exceptional man !

Leora said...

Thanks for posting this. Maybe at some point I will read his books. Difficult material.

I love your colorful header.

Akelamalu said...

A brave and exceptional man. RIP

I love your header, is that one of your own photographs?

Travis said...

I can remember hearing this name and having it associated with the "evil" Soviets. I honestly didn't realize he was still alive.