Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two Awards

Queenie of Queen-Size Funny Bone has given me these two awards! Imagine two awards: one that says I make her smile and another that says I'm a super commenter. Wow! I'm really pleased! Thanks so much Queenie! I really appreciate them.

Now I would like to pass them on to:

Sandee of Comedy Plus
Mo of It's A Blog Eat Blog World
Dianne of Forks off the Moment
Sandy of Writing in Faith
Roger of Idaho Photo



Sandee said...

Thank you so very much Teach. I also added these to your awards in your sidebar. I'll get a post up shortly. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Dianne said...

Wow Mary - TWO awards, cool.

I really appreciate it. I know you know by now how much I love to make people laugh - just yesterday CG left a comment for me saying she was feeling low and then opened my comment and smiled! - I felt great all evening because of that.

And commenting is as much fun, sometimes more, than posting. I love the interaction and all we learn from each other.

Thank You Mary!

Sandee said...

Post is up and back at ya... Two Awesome Awards. Big hug. :)

SandyCarlson said...

Hey, Mary,
Thanks for these. As always you make me smile and I love your meaningful comments. You were the right recipient. I'm honored. It's pure pleasure to be among so many good people who blog!

Mo and The Purries said...

Well thanks - you certainly deserve those. I'm not sure I deserve the comment one lately, but I'm trying!
love ya,

RW said...

Thank you! Thank you! You rock Mary!!

Odat said...

Congrats!!! They are truly well deserved!