Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Facts that should be out there...

Ask FactCheck posted these new items
during the week ending July 11, 2008
(Click the links to read complete answers)

Q: Would Obama tax my profits if I sell my home? Would he tax my IRA? Would he tax my water?
A: No. A new e-mail being circulated about Obama's tax proposals is almost entirely false.

Q: How many U.S. jobs have been lost since the inception of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)?
A: Actually, nearly 25 million jobs have been gained. Nearly all economic studies say NAFTA's net effect on jobs was negligible.



Jim said...
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Jim said...

Hi Mary -- Have you been missing me lately? I've been to Nebraska (Blogstock--think you knew that) and Colorado (to visit our 'winter' next door neighbos and to cool off).

I'm with you on NAFTA, most Texans are as it helps our ports and commerce in general. I hope Barak is also. (The Port of NYC is no slouch either.)

I liked your poem for sunday, I'm not quite ready for more of that.

We've seen the Constitution several times, both the ship and the document. :-)

Jim said...

Hey Mary, you are a good teach(er). I figured out that your comment was constructive criticism and that I should tell readers that those posted were wrong guesses given to my quiz already.

I think it is better now, I changed the words before the list of wrong answers to read:
"Ok guys, keep guessing.
The following answers given so far ARE INCORRECT:"
BTW, in the Midwest were I grew up, 'guys' is a 2nd and 3rd person neuter personal pronoun.

Mo and The Purries said...

So here's a fact to check: McCain said this past week that not only is he against gay marriage (a long-time known fact) but he also said that he is against gay adoptions because he believes in families with TWO parents.
Um, hello - isn't a gay couple TWO parents? What about single parents? Are we going to have a right-wing army come and swoop kids away from single parent families if he gets elected?
The more I learn about McSame, the more he scares me.

EG CameraGirl said...

I think this year's presidential election is so-o-o interesting! And I live in Canada. ;-) (But I DO have strong opinions about this one, even if I am north of the border.)

Travis Cody said...

I hope people are not making their voting decisions without checking the "information" they receive in emails.