Wednesday, July 30, 2008

13 Things To Know About The 3rd Straight Mac Attack Ad

Via Huffington Post:

John McCain's third straight attack ad.
by William Bradley

Okay, another day, another John McCain attack ad on Barack Obama. This one came in over the weekend. It's the third straight, as the McCain campaign is increasingly abandoning positive advertising in favor of negative ads on the frontrunner. Though the positive ad I wrote about on July 10th is still in rotation, at least for now.

The latest Mac attack ad plays above. And here is the text:

Announcer: Barack Obama never held a single Senate hearing on Afghanistan.
He hadn't been to Iraq in years.
He voted against funding our troops.
And now, he made time to go to the gym, but cancelled a visit with wounded troops.
Seems the Pentagon wouldn't allow him to bring cameras.
John McCain is always there for our troops.
McCain. Country first.
John McCain: I'm John McCain and I approve this message.

Here are 13 things to know about this ad.

1. Campaigns go very negative like this when they are very worried. John McCain's campaign has now put out out three straight negative TV ads in a row, attacking Barack Obama. And the McCain message in the free media is virtually all negative.

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DrillerAA said...

As a conservative at heart, I am saddened that the campaign has taken this turn. I know if the situation were reversed, we'd be talking about Obama ads attacking McCain.
There are plenty of issues that could be raised that they have extremely different viewpoints, but neither seems willing to discuss them.
I guess my greatest fear of having Obama as president is that Nancy Pilosi (?) will still be Speaker of the House, and she doesn't need any more power. The traditional values of the American family will be in serious trouble with this pairing and that really concerns me.

storyteller said...

You’re so right about the motivation for ‘negative’ ads like these. Hopefully most voters realize this truth and won’t be swayed … but the power of media is humbling is it not? Wouldn't it be wonderful if the candidates focused on themselves and their own agenda so we could make a more informed choice?
Hugs and blessings,

Travis said...

I'm having a grand election season because I'm not paying any attention to this kind of stuff. I'm doing my own research on issues and voting for the candidate who most closely aligns with my views.

Gattina said...

How can a mentally sain person listen to McCain's crap ?? Everybody I know here in Europe and even on TV I got the impression is shaking their heads. This guy is a catastrope, he should retire, the required age he has ! Obama was warmly welcomed everywhere he went in Europe (except maybe in the UK).