Monday, June 09, 2008

New York City

Hey, if you are a New Yorker, especially one that doesn't live there anymore, but misses it more than you can say, go over to The Big Leather Couch where Vinny has done a wonderful post on New York. I promise it'll bring a tear to your eye!

He's got pictures and music and everything!

Thank you Vinny!


Bond said...

Well thank my dad, who passed it along...and thank the guy who wrote it, who is mentioned at the bottom...

And YES... it does bring a tear to the eye..

the best CITY in the world...

Thanks for sharing this with your fans and family Mary

Texas Travelers said...

I'm not from NY, but it's a great city.

Thanks for the visit.

The answer to your question is yes.
It's under Adjustments>Levels. Move the sliders on each end until they touch the histogram. You can adjust the middle slider to change the density of the mid-tones. Once you get to Adjustments>Levels, click on help.

What version of Photoshop do you have?

Do you use it much?


Debbie in NC said...

Oh know I'll be heading to see Vinny :)

Red Geraniums were always my Mom's favorites, so I enjoyed your photos. Glad your neighbor didn't mind LOL

Travis said...

That was a great post Vinny had. And I love the photo!

Jim said...

I like NYC too. Enough to live there for about three years if that were possible. It isn't.

Texas Travelers said...

I also use Photoshop 7. Instead of using Auto levels, Use levels, and move the sliders as mentioned above.

e-mail me if you have any questions,

There is a nice little tutorial here:
(cut and paste into your browser)