Thursday, April 17, 2008

Clinton - Obama debate in Pennsylvania

What a terrible job the media did last night on the debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I sat for 50 minutes listening to a rehash of flag pins, Rev. Wright, and trivial things that have dominated the media in past weeks. I thought I was going to hear about policies and platforms - stupid me!

It wasn't Clinton and Obama's fault. As a matter of fact Obama made points because he talked to the fact that the media keeps blowing gaffes and misspeaks out of proportion. Well I turned the debate off after the 50 minutes and turned on "Criminal Minds." Of course I found out later there were some substantive questions and answers in the 2nd hour.

But how dare the media make me sit through the rehash when I wanted to know about the Iraq War, national health care, etc. Greg Mitchell of the Huffington Post called it a travesty.

Here is a quote from the Mitchell article:
More time was spent on all of this than segments on getting out of Iraq and keeping people from losing their homes and -- you name it. Gibson only got excited complaining that someone might raise his capital gains tax. Yet neither candidate had the courage to ask the moderators to turn to those far more important issues. Talking heads on other networks followed up by not pressing that point either. The crowd booed Gibson near the end. Why didn't every other responsible journalist on TV?


Mo said...

My TV station is South Bend, Indiana - the IN primary is coming up soon, so right now I am so tired of being inundated with political sparring ads between Clinton & Obama. There is an amusing one here, however, an Indiana rep has a pro-Hillary spot, where he described her as having a "spine of steel".... then inexplicably, the commercial was re-edited and that one line is now omitted. And NOW there is a voice over at the end saying, "I'm Hillary and I approve this message."
Interesting. She doesn't WANT us to know she's a fem-bot!

storyteller said...

Ah yez ... this is how I felt too! Very frustrating experience for me.
Hugs and blessings,

nonizamboni said...

I so agree
Afterwards I watched "Lions for Lambs" and was so full of anger, sadness and fear that I had to go for a walk. Have you seen it?

tumblewords said...

Frightening to me that the media decides the winner. I hear things that are swept under the rug or misrepresented on the major channels - drives me nuts.

Travis said...

I have managed to avoid all the spin, and am forming my opinion on voting records as much as I can.

It is absurd that we have allowed the media to have this kind of power to decide for us. Shameful.

Ivanhoe said...

I don't watch debates anymore. It's ridicilous - both of them are at one point or another. I know who I'll vote for in November & that's all I need to know ;o)))

Kimmie said...

I have been very disgusted with this whole entire election year. All the unimportant stuff is being focused on and I don't want to hear about that! The media won't let them get to the real issues! I am with you Mary...What about the WAR IN IRAQ, Healthcare Change, Bettering the lives of the People of America, How He or She will make POSITIVE changes America! I want to have "HOPE". I need to have hope! If we can't feel that our new President will give us that, then we have nothing anymore. So very sad.