Friday, April 11, 2008

Circle of Friends Award

Sandee of Comedy Plus has awarded me the Circle of Friends award:

Before I tell you about the award I want to tell you about Sandee. I "met" Sandee about 2 years ago. We know each other only in the blogosphere but I'm not ashamed to say she may indeed be one of my best friends. She writes a blog that is funny, intelligent, sympathetic, and so very clever. She's helped me out and solved problems for me without me having to ask twice. She visits my blog all the time and wishes me "hugs" and "love" and "happy weekends." She is open and accepting of my peculiarities. Sandee has added greatly to my life as I hope I have added to hers.

Here's what Phyl has said about this award:
I have lots of girls in my circle and decided that they all needed to know that someone cares about them and appreciate the difference they make in my life. If you are here it may be because I tagged you as one of the girls in my circle! If I didn’t tag you , no offense intended. Tag! You’re it! Consider yourself tagged.” I am going to say TAG to anyone who wants to play along! I consider the “Grateful Gals” a huge part of my circle so please play if you like. The reason these girls are a must read for me….. They are always encouraging, looking for the possibilities instead of pitfalls. Approaching Life with a sense of thoughtfulness and in some cases, humor. They are quick to offer a prayer, or ask for one. Sharing their lives on an almost daily basis is a huge source of joy for me. I hope you will take the time to read them.
I tag a bunch of wonderful women in my blogging life:

First of all I send it back to Sandee @ Comedy Plus

Sandy @ Writing in Faith
Jamie @ Duward Discussion
Elaine @ It's Not a Weekend; It's a Lifestyle
Chuck @ Foster Me Up
Lois @
Lowdown from Lois
Kimmee @ Olde Lavender Prims
ellen b @ The Happy Wonderer
Desert Songbird @ The Ice Box
Penelope @ Cafe at the End of the Universe
Stine @ Mother's Got A Dot Com
Marilyn @ More Random Than Average
Misty Dawn @ My Dogs Keep Me Sane
Tisha of CrAzY Working Mom
Carver @ Carver's Sight or Is That Site
jmb @ Nobody Important


UPDATE: Kimmie has re-awarded this award to me. Thanks so much Kimmie! :)


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well that's about the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. Thank you so much. I love you too. Have a great day. :)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I added your award to my original post. Again thanks. :)

ellen b. said...

Why thanks maryt! That's the kind of crowd I like to be identified with. And look at those ladies up there dressed in my favorite going out color or non-color (BLACK) It's slimming you know :)
I appreciate your thoughtfulness...

Kimmie said...

Oh Goodness Mary, I am so touched. Thank You for this beautiful award. When I count my Blessings, I count you amoung them. Warm Hugs to you Mary, I am honored to be amongst the others in your Circle.

Napaboaniya said...

*plants a kiss on Mary's forehead*
I'm truly delighted to be recieving this from you. Thanks Mary.

Cheers! and let's boogie down the hallway!!! :P

Kimmie said...

Mary...I have Awarded this right back to you. I also wanted to thank you for welcoming me into blogland by visiting me and your encouraging words you have always given me to make me want to keep going even in the most difficult of times.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Thank you so very much :)
I will play with my photo editing programs tomorrow and see what I can do, thanks for the tips.

Carver said...

Thanks you so much Mary. I appreciate you including me in this award and you are so deserving of it yourself. I also enjoy visiting your blog and you are always so kinds in comments on mine. It is wonderful how friendships are made through the world of blog and I'm so glad to have met you here.

crazy working mom said...

OMG, I LOVE this one! It's too cute. :)

Thank you, my dear.

SandyCarlson said...

Thanks so much for this! Your post is a tribute to what miracles happen in the blogosphere. I remember starting out just a few years ago and using BlogExplosion and BlogMad to get a sense of things. So often I was just overwhelmed. I am fascinated by the weekly memes and how they bring people into meaningful contact that is friendly, engaging, and meaningful. You're awesome, Mary!

jmb said...

I'm very touched by this Mary. I have made some great friends through blogging but I have to say I have also met some most excellent guys out there (or here) in the blogosphere.

Marilyn said...

You are way too nice to me. And I love the graphic.

I'll post this in the next few days. I gotta do my message in a bottle before Mimi throws me in her dungeon.

Stine said...

Thanks so much, I'm honored!