Sunday, February 03, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

So Tom Brady and Eli Manning came over to my house this morning and let me photograph them for Weekend Snapshot.

Tom and Eli who are both 6' 4" 225 lbs were in good spirit but couldn't wait to get to the big GAME on Sunday!

"Damn, why are they making us wait?" Tom complained.

"Shut up, Tom" Eli said, "They could have made us wait til after Super Tuesday! Ya know, a lot of people thing Super Tuesday is more important!"

When I told the boys that most women would choose Eli over Tom when given a choice, Eli laughed and Tom spouted, "Why?"

I told him according to the morning show on ABC-TV most women trusted Eli more than they trusted Tom. They believed Eli would perform better than Tom , stay in the pocket, and, oh wait, that was the sports commentators talking about the GAME later on today.

So while I think Tom Brady is HOT, I gotta go with good ol' Eli Manning from Hoboken NJ to do it today!

I know, I know. Tom is looking for his 4th Super Bowl ring but what is he going to do with 4 rings? They say he's on his way to joining the ranks of the (not that attractive) star quarterbacks like Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw.

They say the Giants team is young and can come back to the Superbowl another time...

You know what? I don't care! Today the Giants are going to win! You heard it here first, Ladies and Gentlemen.



napaboaniya said...

Mary! I see..............Yummilicious men!!!! *droolz*

Heart of Rachel said...

I must agree that appreciating cute guys is a nice way to spend the weekend. :)

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Sandy Carlson said...

Yes. The Giants are going to win. We're with you, Mary!

Villager said...

I think that the NY Giants are going to win as well!

peace, Villager

Travis said...

Did you perform your proper rituals? Did you check in with your Giants Fan Network to make sure they have all done their rituals?

Cause you know, NY doesn't have a chance without those rituals!

I did mine, and I'm only a Giants fan for the day.

**"Liza"** said...

I will make sure I will dream of him Glad your team.. Im not a sport fan my self..

Anna said...

What nice photos...They sure is good looking men hehheehehhe.....

Mine is up too:
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genny said...

He is a cute guy. Happy WS!

Joyismygoal said...

And you were right!!!The last Quarter was very exciting!!!But in those pictures they are both cuties!!1
It is hard to get excited about a team that your team,(Cowboys) beat twice this season, winning the Superbowl it makes me feel we could have won too But i rooted for NY anyway:>

The Mama Bear said...

Eli is a cutie...and did he hustle last night to bring down the win, or what?