Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa Baby

Here's a great Christmas song sung in a couple of different ways for your enjoyment and pleasure. :)

The first one shows adorable little girls doing their best.

The second one is sung by Kylie Minogue with a little oomph! Neither one is X rated.



Odat said...

LOL...great comparisons!

Roger said...

Hey Teach those were great! Thanks for sharing!! :D

Sandra Ferguson said...

I found you through Crazy Working Mom's site and just had to read your profile (after seeing The Teach tag).

My daughter is an English Lit major at Texas A & M -- sophomore year. She loves it.

I, too, loved the movie The Hours. When I rented it the first time, the store clerk said it was 'boring, not worth the effort'. I watched the film three times before returning it and was completely enthralled with the triple plot line. Great film.

Thanks for letting me visit your blogsite. Hope the 'final' push at your university goes well for you.

the teach said...

Odat, I thought the comparison was funny! :)

Glad you liked them, Roger

Sandra, I left a note for you at your blog.

All of you thanks for visiting! :)