Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two Great Blog Awards

Jos and Sandee have awarded me the awards above. Thanks so much guys!

The "rules" for passing on the Laurel and Hardy - You Rock My Socks Award are simple: all I am asking is a link back or a comment to this post..

The "rules" for passing on Mr. Present are that you write some accompanying lines about the blogs or bloggers you pass him on to.

Incidentally, they come with easy instructions, not like many other Christmas presents that are hard to assemble, so if you receive one of these gifts, read the following instructions: "If it's your turn to choose one, two, or all three of these gifts to adopt, and decide to pass them on, please pass them to the most magical and imaginative blogs on the internet. Blogs that encourage, year round, the same energetic and imaginative sense of wonder that is apparent throughout the Christmas season." (Mr. Present idea from Ann of A Nice Place in the Sun)

So I pass Mr. Present on to:

Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom
Tisha is a "crazy" lady who writes humorously about her family and her kids. Lots of photos and jokes to keep any visiting blogger/reader interested. She's a sweet and kind person.
Ian @ EDog's Everything Page
Ian's a great guy, a great writer and a blogger par excellence. Thanks Ian I appreciate all the friendly words and comments over the last few months that we've come to know each other. He says he's obnoxious ad opinionated but he's really a pussy cat!
Sarge @ Sarge Charlie
Sarge is a real soldier. We seem to be on opposite sides of the political continuum but that doesn't stop us from sharing our points of view. Check out his blog, he's not afraid to speak his mind!



Sarge Charlie said...

Well thank you Miss Teach, I like everyone, even when they are

Ian Thomas Healy said...

Thanks, Teach!


You Rock My Socks said...

Well done, Teach :)

Unfortunately, I seem to have misinterpreted the rules for Mr Present. Can you please check out Ann's post for instructions for passing on Mr Present?


Jos said...

Hi Teach,
To be honest, I am not totally sure what I have done wrong...
But anyway, maybe in your paragraph that talks about the rules you can include a copy of the red text in Ann's post and/or a link to Ann's post to direct people over there for any further instructions?