Friday, November 16, 2007

Young Marine says "Our troops need to come home now."

At Thursday’s CNN Democratic debate, the candidates heard a strong warning against U.S. military action against Iran from Christopher Jackson, a Marine who served three tours of duty in Iraq:

I feel that if we continue on the path we’re at, that’s where we’re going to end up — in Iran. And that’s not what our troops need. Our troops need to come home now.
The entire audience, including the candidates, stood and gave Jackson a rousing ovation.

Here's the video of Biden's, Clinton's and Edwards' answers to what this young Marine vet said.

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AnimeFreak40K said...

Biden's answer seemed reasonable, Hillary's ws long and filled with doublespeak and sounded a lot like a Neocon herself. Edwards' response was too short for me to make a real decision on (Hillary gobbled up all of the time).