Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Woman and her horse...

Via Orange:

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Wednesday 14 Nov 2007, 10:16am

A disabled US woman is suing her landlord for refusing to allow her to keep a miniature horse to pull her wheelchair.

Patty Cooper, 50, paid £475 [$1000.] for the 32-inch-tall gelding which she wanted to use for trips to the bus stop and into town in Waitsfield, Vermont.

She insisted Earl can be house-trained and will live happily in a stall she has put up in her living room, reports the Daily Telegraph.

But the Central Vermont Community Land Trust denied her request to keep the horse at home because they were worried about horse droppings, hay storage and lack of grazing space.

Trust director Preston Jump acknowledged using miniature horses was accepted practice for some disabled people.

But he was concerned whether Earl could be trained to relieve himself only when taken outside, every three hours.

Miss Cooper, who suffers from celiac disease, which causes brittle bones, said she has filed a complaint with the Vermont Human Rights Commission.



Miss Cooper sent me an e-mail thanking me for posting her story. Here is her link so you can read more about her and Earl, her little horse. (11/16/07)


Amazing Gracie said...

I'm surprised she's getting this sort of reaction in Vermont. They're a very liberal state.
I have mixed feelings about this. Is it healthy for her to have a horse in the house? And I am a HUGE pet lover - but I'm sure her doctor would be the best judge.
It's a beautiful little creature~
I'd love to be able to have one, too...

the teach said...

I feel for her...I think she should have a chance to have the little horse in her apartment...if things get out of hand (smell, etc.) then...