Monday, November 05, 2007

Manic Monday - Earth

Mo's word for the day is EARTH

How about I treat you all to photographs of our EARTH from space,


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Serena said...

Thanks for dropping by ChatnChill. Earth looks beautiful in space. A Jewel in Space, an astranaut once commented. :D


tegdirb92 said...

beautiful!! I love looking at pictures of our Earth!! Enjoy your Monday.

Mert said...

Hiya Teach! Those pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them :D I forgot all about MM, thanks for reminding me ;)

the teach said...

Thanks Serena and Bridget for stopping by!

Happy MM!

AnimeFreak40K said...

I have seen some pretty neat pictures like this in my time, and these are good shots too.

I can never get enough of those that take pictures of the poles or of the Night side of Earth. Just to see where the cities are and stuff is just neat.

However, I think by far, the best set of photos out there are a set that shows how big Earth is to all of the other planets, with each being show in porportion to each other, the Sun and, as things go further out, other stars and such. You can see what I am talking oubt here:

Amazing Gracie said...

What gorgeous photos!!! Even though I've seen them before they never cease to amaze me.
Thanks for the reminder of just how beautiful "we" are!

the teach said...

Anime, I looked at the pix on the site you gave me. Thank you. They were impressive and informative...

Gracie, thanks for commenting and yes those photos never cease to amaze me.