Sunday, November 25, 2007

7 Things About Me

Siani tagged me today for the 7 Things About Me meme. Here are the rules:

*Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
*Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
*Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
*Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here are 7 Things About Me (labeled "random" or "weird" as I see fit):

1. I have developed on expertise on Roman Numerals. Back in March I wrote a post on "How Do I Write Write Roman Numerals." To date I have 204 comments/questions on that post. I answer all questions ASAP. If I don't know an answer, I google the 'net and get back to the questioner with whatever info I find. The link is: Roman Numerals (weird)

2. I am a AVID blogger. I have 4 blogs, 2 of which I add to almost every day. They represent my interests: popular culture, politics and the social condition, books and reading, poetry, meeting and greeting people from all over the US and all over the world.

3. I am a published poet. My collection of poetry is called Pink Geishas. (weird)

4. I'm a high-touch tekkie. According to my husband that means that I have no technical training -- all my knowledge and expertise comes from being a user. My first computer was a DECmate word processor. I feel pretty comfortable today in front of a PC and can handle almost anything Windows throws at me. (random)

5. Keeping with the tekkie theme, I love every technological thing out there. I use a Bluetooth cell phone with wireless earpiece, a Palm PDA, a Polaroid portable DVD player, a 7.1 digital Point and Shoot camera, an iPod Shuffle. I don't have an iPhone but would like one.

6. I have an MLS i. e., a Master's in Library and Information Science. I've worked for the United Nations building and indexing databases and I've worked as a freelance indexer indexing books and magazine/journal collections. I know how to formulate questions for search engines, like Google, Yahoo, I know how they work and how to get relevant returns. (weird)

7. I have developed the ability to speak up when I feel I'm being taken advantage of. The person in front of me in the Express Lane at the supermarket with more than the designated number (10, 12, 15) of items had better watch out, no matter what age they are. What's strange is that they are usually old people who get really nasty when you object that they shouldn't be in this line. (random/weird)

Sandy Carlson



Matt-Man said...

I will get on it sometime this week. Cheers Mary!!

Siani said...

Thanks for playing along. I love gadgets, too, and have just spent half the afternoon eyeing up high tech toys on the Amazon site. And you're right - elderly folk often use their age as an excuse to behave badly, and break the rules.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Sarge Charlie said...

Ok teach, I will work it up

the teach said...

Thanks Matt-man and Sarge! Look forwatd to reading the posts!

Sandy Carlson said...

I'll have it up sometime this week. Thanks for including me in the fun. I enjoyed reading your weird facts! I've always wanted an MLS degree. All my life I have marveled at those reference librarians who find the exact right source on the shelf or, now, online.

God bless!

Mar said...

Oh, you are very productive: 4 blogs!! and you are very quick answering memes :)
My 7 things will be up tomorrow!