Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Religion is all that keeps the poor from eating the rich."
- Napoleon Bonaparte



AnimeFreak40K said...

Say whatever you want about Napoleon - the man knew what he was doing. I do not think he was the end-all-be-all on many things, but he was pretty dammed awesome.

And in my opeinion, I do feel that those words ring MORE than a little bit of truth. I mean, think about it:
- Religion keeps people docile.
- Religion keeps people stupid as it discourages anyone from asking questions.
- It is used to warm, twist and manipulate people and to generally guide them wherever those in charge want them to go.

I am VERY critical of religion in general - especially Western Religions (to include Islam).

Did you know that pretty much all of the atrocities in the modern world (that is pretty much anything in the "AD" calendar) were committed in God's name? Did you know that some of the longest, bloodiest and worst wars were fought over religion...or at least one faction claimed that religion was a factor?

Yeah...those in charge have NO problems in using 'It is God's will' to rally the people to do evil, horrible things.

the teach said...

I love that quote and yes religion keeps people docile. What I think is funny is that each side in a war claims "God is on our side!" I guess God is on everybody's side and nobody's side. Ha!

AnimeFreak40K said...

Frankly, Religion in general is just a bloody farce.

I have read the bible (although not recently) and I find it a reasonable guideline for behavior and a source for lots of cool mythology and stories but nothing more.

The organizations that have been built up around those texts are...well...silly and they encourage the spread of hate and bloodshed.

the teach said...

I'm with you all the way on that, Anime!