Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Obama edges out Clinton in Iowa

Via Bloomberg.com:

Obama, Romney Lead Nomination Race in Iowa, Newsweek Poll Finds

By Nadine Elsibai

Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Barack Obama holds an edge over his competitors among likely Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads among Republicans, a Newsweek magazine poll showed.

Obama, of Illinois, was backed by 28 percent of those surveyed followed by New York Senator Hillary Clinton with 24 percent, former North Carolina Senator John Edwards at 22 percent and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson with 10 percent, according to the poll. The survey of Democrats who were classified as likely to attend party nominating caucuses has a margin of error of plus or minus 7 percentage points.


The margin of error suggests Obama, Clinton, and Edwards are virtually in a dead heat. Can you tell whom I am leaning toward?


Thanks to Electronic Village for the idea for the post :)


Democracy Lover said...

I suppose that since the picture is of Obama, he's your preferred candidate. I can't imagine why. He's better than Hillary obviously, but he's not really presidential material, IMHO. Of course, none of them are so that may make that a moot point.

the teach said...

Okay, DL, yes I like Obama and why isn't he presidential material? So who do you think IS presidential material?

Villager said...

"presidential material"? What does that mean?

the teach said...

Good question, Villager! But of them all I like Obama the best...after all he's a Senator, isn't that "presidential material?"