Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ahmadinejad Ought to Speak at Columbia

And what's the problem with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking at Columbia University? Don't we believe in free speech? Don't we want to hear him speak and open up to questions from the audience?

Ahmadinejad says "Due to certain issues, the American people in the past years have been denied correct and clear information about global developments and are eager to hear different opinions."

Is he right? I don't know, so why deny him a forum? Will he convince anyone regarding his hateful rhetoric? Not anyone who doesn't already believe the way he does.
And here's a question that brings up something more important than all this stuff about the U.N. and Columbia: What's with that beige jacket he's always wearing? I think he needs to stop off at Barney's when he's in town.
Columbia University President Lee Bollinger has resisted requests to cancel the event but promised to introduce the talk himself with a series of tough questions on topics including Ahmadinejad's views on the Holocaust, his call for the destruction of the state of Israel and his government's alleged support of terrorism. (Washington Post)



raymond said...

He should do what Camilla Parker Bowles did when it came to the Princess Diana memorial...and just stay home.

That would be the wisest thing. On his part, and on Columbia University's as well.

Sure, he/they can use up the free speech amendment until they're blue in the face, but it is sometimes better to just write your thoughts down and send them as a telegram.

And for propriety's sake...he should stay the hell away from ground zero.

This is so lame.


the teach said...

No he won't be going to ground zero, I agree, raymond. But I hope we'll have video on his visit to Columbia so we can hear the questions he'll be asked and his answers. It's important to confront the enemy, don't you think?

Jamie said...

What is it about the right wing that they so fear shining light on darkness. Ignorance when confronted with wisdom almost always shows itself for the ugliness it is.

the teach said...

You're right, Jamie! Thanks for commenting. Ahmadinejad needs to be confronted!

AnimeFreak40K said...

Frankly, I do not know what the issue is. Seriously.

So Ahmadinejad wants to talk to the people of the United States (as opposed to our diplomats and reporters). Big deal...fankly, I think it is a good thing in a way.

Why? Because most politicians just don't do that. Whether our views mesh or conflict with his is irrelivent in my opinion. Ahmadinejad is obviously willing to talk to the why is he going around the government? Because the government is unwilling to talk to him. *shrug* That says something to me right there.

I also appreciate the fact that there are people who are not only willing to let him talk, but also talk back - ask him some questions and find out what he means. Get things from HIS perspective instead of what the politicans and media feed us.

We, as Americans, may not agree with what Ahmadinejad has to say...and it is obvious that he may not agree with what we have to say. The point is, is that HE is WILLING to TALK to US. That is a HELL of a lot more than our current administration and government is willing to do.

the teach said...

Well, Anime, after what I heard the Dean or President of Columbia said when he was introducing Ahmadinejad I bet he (Ahmadinejad) was sorry he showed up.

Just heard on the TV...they want to pull public funding from Columbia U. for inviting Ahmadinejad.