Thursday, August 02, 2007

Juan Gomez and family get reprieve

Family gets deportation reprieve

A high-profile campaign to stop the deportation of Juan and Alex Gomez seemed to have paid off when the teens and their parents were released from an immigration detention center on a 45-day reprieve.

WASHINGTON -- Juan Gomez and his family walked out of an immigration detention center Wednesday night -- free on a 45-day pass after a publicity campaign launched by his classmates reached Congress, the White House and federal immigration officials.

Though the family could still be deported to their native Colombia, they celebrated Wednesday night.


Anonymous said...

That's not fair to all the other people that get deported. The legislators need to find a solution for this.

the teach said...

The point is if we could, we'd keep every body in similar circumstances from being deported. Yes we do need a solution.