Sunday, August 19, 2007

Iowa Democratic Debates

There was a lot of Obama and Hillary today in the Iowa debates. When I turned on the TV, I admit I was late turning it on, George Stephanopoulos was questioning Obama and Hillary about the old question of whether an American President should meet with foreign leaders without conditions. Boring!

Two highlights: (

(1)To defend against assertions that he lacks experience, Obama quipped at one point: "To prepare for this debate I rode in the bumper cars at the state fair." Lots of laughter and applause from the audience at Drake University. Funny!

(2)Clinton, a target of criticism from outgoing Bush counselor Karl Rove, said Rove is "obsessed with me." She presented a different view of politics than Obama did, arguing that negative campaigning is inevitable no matter who is nominated.

The New York senator and former first lady said no one will escape the "Republican attack machine." She added, "I know how to beat them." Atta, girl, Hillary!

The candidates talked about nuclear weapons and the use of them, the Iraq War, And Pakistan.

Nothing new, nothing exciting, nothing that makes me want one of them more than any other...

Obama photo: Photo: Mannie Garcia/Getty Images
Clinton photo: Photo: AP Images



tegdirb92 said...

Thank you so much for the visit today on my blog!! Regarding your question as to why we named our daughter Isis, well the long and short of it was that we really fell in love with the name. I also liked it because of the Egyptian meaning as you mentioned, and my husband thought it was comical that she was the goddess of mummification!!

I guess we just like to be unique when giving names :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

the teach said...

Ha! The goddess of mummification! Well, it's an unusual and beautiful name. Thanks for responding. We'll keep in touch, I'm sure!