Monday, August 13, 2007

In an update in RJ Eskow's column today on Karl Rove's resignation in The Huffington Post, he says:

In a cryptic addendum to this story, Bush observed in today's leave-taking ritual that "Karl Rove is moving on down the road." This odd phrasing, with its "ease on down the road" Wiz vibe, was followed by this: "I'll be on the road behind you in a little bit."

What an strange piece of hillbilly kabuki. It won't be long afore I'm there with ya, Hattie, so tell St. Peter to hold the door. This White House is going to be even more tone-deaf without Karl.

Andrew Sullivan only sees “one of the worst political strategists in recent times.” Here’s more:

Rove preferred to divide the country and get his 51 percent, than unite it and get America’s 60. In a time of grave danger and war, Rove picked party over country. Such a choice was and remains despicable.

Then Adam Nagourney mentions that “Even some of his former lieutenants are apt, in private moments, to speak of Mr. Rove in tones of disappointment, disillusionment and no small amount of anger,” he wrote.

So long, Mr. Rove... You are no loss to the country.


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