Monday, July 16, 2007

Courtney posted this on Feministing:

July 14, 2007

Network Hypocrisy Over Condom Ads

FOX and CBS have both recently refused to air ads for condoms that emphasize their use as a birth control method. When interviewed by the New York Times, a FOX rep said, that the decision was based on their policy that condom ads "must stress health-related issues rather than the prevention of pregnancy." In other words, it is okay to educate consumers about STDs, but empowering them to make reproductive choices is beyond the purview of two of our nation's most sex-saturated networks.

Oh my. Check out my full take on this disappointment at Alternet.

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Anne said...

Are they going to take ads for The Pill, patches, shots for women, etc. and treatments for "erectile dysftnction" off the air too? Bet they don't.

the teach said...

Great point,Anne! Yes the media CBS and FOX are actually taking a stand against condom use and are for abstinence alone. I can't believe it!! How you're doing okay...