Thursday, July 12, 2007

Any progress in Iraq?

Today Bush dragged out that old saw (saying) in his news conference where he was supposed to report on his Iraq Benchmark Assessment Report. I listened on NPR (WNYC) and caught this quote:

"Their ambition is to continue to hurt the American people. My attitude is: We ought to defeat them there so we don't have to face them here..."

I did a Google search on that phrase just to see how many times Bush & Co. have reiterated that phrase. I got 1 million 700 thousand hits!

And still the American people overwhelmingly want us out of Iraq...

We're not listening, Mr. Bush. We don't believe you.


Anonymous said...

Something the war supporters never explain is: How were the Iraqi people related with 9/11 and similar attacks? How was Bin Laden connected to Saddam? How is the US safer by attacking Iraq?
I never got an answer to that. And neither did the american people.

the teach said...

You're absolutely right, jm, there is NO connection between Saddam and 911, Saddam and bin Laden. We are NOT safer by fighting Iraq. That's the answer to those questions. thanks for commenting on my posts, jm, I appreciate it.