Saturday, June 09, 2007

Navy Admiral Mike Mullen

Some insight on Navy Admiral Mike Mullen (replacement for General Peter Pace as chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff) can be gained from a speech he gave to sailors in Pearl Harbor in Feb. 2007:

In his opening remarks, Mullen, a Vietnam War veteran, told Pearl Harbor sailors: "I honestly believe this is the most dangerous time in my life.

"The enemy now is basically evil and fundamentally hates everything we are -- the democratic principles for which we stand ... This war is going to go on for a long time. It's a generational war."

From a Feb. 2006 interview with Mullen:

You use the term 'Long War', and it's important to understand that and really grab this issue because it is going to be around for a significant amount of time. I call it generational.
That said, there are still traditional capabilities that are very much required.


From the frying pan into the fire.


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