Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mayor of NYC Defects from Republican Party...

Do you know who this guy (just left of center) is? He was mayor of New York City and defected from the Republican Party after he lost the primary for renomination as mayor. He became a Democrat and had a short, really short run for President.

When he left the Republican Party he said "the nation had taken a wrong turn, that a new coalition could change its direction. He assailed his former party’s leadership, what he called the government’s 'retreat from the Bill of Rights.'"(New York Times)

Washington, he said, has “tapped telephones without court order, spied on our citizens with military agents, arrested thousands of people without legal authority, given minimum enforcement to the rights of minorities and even tried to censor what we see on television and read in our newspapers.”

Well, the guy is John V. Lindsay who was mayor of NYC from 1966-1973.

Sound like another mayor we know? Well maybe, but do you think Mike Bloomberg would EVER appear on the boardwalk in Far Rockaway bare-chested in a skimpy bathing suit? I don't think so.

PHOTO: John V. Lindsay, who was then a congressman, campaigning for mayor on the boardwalk in Far Rockaway, Queens, on July 4, 1965. (Photo: Carl T. Gossett/The New York Times)

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