Monday, June 25, 2007

Indecision Caption Challenge

From Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 blog:

Comedy Central developed Indecision Caption Challenge. They asked readers to help figure out what's going on in the picture below. People left proposed captions in the comments. Here's the winner:

WINNER Caption Challenge: Democrats
POSTED BY: TheInDecider

Thanks to everyone who participated in our newly-relocated Caption Challenge. Lots of great captions to choose from. But after much bickering and backstabbing, we finally came up with a winner...

On Family Feud, The Dem Family takes the round by correctly guessing the most popular Senate answers to the question, "Why I voted for a war that I disagreed with."

Submitted by rtg723

  • Wallis to Obama: "You're right, she does smell like hot dogs" (rennac)

  • John Edwards: "You are all my pawns..." (mikenap)

  • Hillary, about to catch the keys being thrown by John Kerry, so she'll get to be the next to drive Democrat's hopes off a cliff. (rbansak)

  • The Four Donkeys of the Apocalypse. (Winterblack)

  • Watching his plan unfold from a safe distance, Edward's look of satisfaction is unmistakable. Our condolences go out to all of the victim's families…especially for Senator Clinton. From the look on her face, it's obvious she saw it coming. Thank God Obama and Wallis were distracted and went in peace. (JakeyJake2)
Thanks to everyone who participated. You can see all the captions here.
Does anybody think all this is not that funny?



Anonymous said...

You're right, it wasn't that funny. However, this is.

Anne said...

I think the hot dog one is funny, actually.

How about this instead?...

Obama to Wallis: XYZ, man, XYZ. It means eXamine Your Zipper for pete's sake!
While this production of The Wizard Of Oz was stuffy and unimaginative, the part of the Wicked Witch of the West was played brilliantly by George W. Bush, who seemed born for the role.

the teach said...

Great, Anne. You would have won the contest hands down. XYZ, man XYZ. LOL!

the teach said...

jm4847, That WAS funny! I think that's Heinrich Himmler standing on the ground beside her! LOL!

Anonymous said...

They're letting the users vote this week...

the teach said...

Thanks, anon, I'll check it out!