Thursday, June 07, 2007

Anti-Abortion Group against Helping the Poor

Jill Filipovic: A right wing Christian anti-abortion group claims “It is shameful that Christians would rally around the physical needs of the poor."

Here's more in detail:

Rock for Life presents real anti-poverty message

"Abortion is an act that takes the life of an innocent human child," said Erik Whittington, American Life League's youth outreach director. "It is shameful that Christians would rally around the physical needs of the poor and ignore the deaths of untold millions of babies. Abortion is poverty and the number one priority of our day should be its demise."

This past weekend, Sojourners opened Pentecost 2007: Taking Vision to the Street, a conference aimed at placing "poverty at the top of our nation's agenda." Today, Sojourners will host a march that will run from National City Christian Church to the Upper Senate Park. American Life League, through its youth outreach project Rock for Life, will be there to present to conference attendees the importance of putting abortion, not poverty, at the top of the list of social concerns.




Anonymous said...

I'm against abortion too, but what this people don't realize is that by helping the poor they won't need to have abortions because they'll either have the resources for raising a child or be informed enough to take precautions.

the teach said...

I hope women don't have to have abortions too...but deep down I have to be pro-choice, jm4847, because I do believe that a woman's body is her own. But I absolutely agree that if we help the poor fewer abortions would have to be done.