Monday, May 14, 2007

E-mail to John Gambling (NEWS TALK RADIO 77 WABC-AM)

Here's an e-mail I sent John Gambling radio talk show host on NEWS TALK RADIO 77 WABC-AM:

Mr. Gambling you surprised and saddened me this morning when you advocated national driver's licenses, national identity cards in a conversation about terrorism and national security with a caller. You said these documents would be able to keep tabs on people and find out what they are doing here.

Mr. Gambling we have social security cards, state driver's licenses, and passports - all of which represent each of us in the U.S. not for the purposes of keeping tabs on us but for other purposes. These are quite enough. This is after all a DEMOCRACY.

Don't you realize national ID cards, for example, was the way the Nazis could identify the Jews in 1930s Germany?

We (the FBI) were able to thwart the plot to shoot soldiers with AK47s at Ft. Dix. The FBI had the men under investigation for 15 months. There is no need to go nuts and think we need ID cards to keep such things from happening. We have law enforcement agencies to do the job.

Advocating ID cards and such for the purpose of locating people and finding out what their doing is the beginning of a fascist state and in case you forget the definition of fascism, here it is: Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology (generally tied to a mass movement) that considers individual and other societal interests inferior to the needs of the state.

Be careful what you say over the airwaves, Mr. Gambling.

I signed my real name to the e-mail but here I'll just sign



Anonymous said...

Go Teach!!!

the teach said...

Thanks Jean. I couldn't believe he was talking like that on the radio. These people have to be stopped.

jurassicpork said...

Not only that but, in typical Republican fashion, they didn't budget for these computer chip cards and tried to foist off the costs on the states. Many of them have complained that they're not budgeted for such a massive undertaking and others have outright refused to have them made and distributed.

It boggles the mind, even after all these years, at how much the GOP resembles the Nzi Party of the 30's and 40's. Which is scarier: That they're doing this deliberately or that their resemblance to German fascism is unintentional?

Anonymous said...

For what I've read most people are against this. I highly doubt the democrats would go for something like this.
Even though one could argue that national drivers licenses and identity cards would make it easier to hunt down criminals.
Where I live most adults have something called an federal elector's ID, which contains our fingerprint, address and photo.
It might be useful to keep tabs of criminals but it might be considered invasive by most people, but like you said the US is a democracy which means that they can't do something like this... unless the people allow it.

the teach said...

It's heartening to see that people have found my post and agree a national identity card is not what we want in America.
jm4847 national ID's might make it easier to hunt down criminals but who are the criminals? Me? You? National ID aren't the way we want to go for the purposes of hunting people down.
I'm going to let law enforcement do it.