Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shootings at Virginia Tech

From The Guardian:

To me the 3 paragraphs below are the most important paragraphs in the terrible Virginia Tech story today. For more information read the whole article in The Guardian here.

The shootings took place on an unseasonably cold day, with flurries of snow swirling around the campus, which houses 26,000 students. Virginia Tech is best known for its science and engineering courses. The campus is about 250 miles from Washington DC.

The southern corner of the state that houses the university is rural and sparsely populated, and is a bastion of hunting. Gun ownership is often regarded as a fiercely defended right.

The shooting was the second to hit the university this academic year. In August two people, including a policeman, were killed near the campus. William Morva, a convict who had escaped custody at the time, faces murder charges over the two killings. The university has also received several bomb threats in recent weeks.

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