Friday, April 13, 2007

Lionel will replace Sam Seder on Air America

When I heard that "Lionel" will replace Sam Seder on Air America, it was completely unexpected. But according to Wikipedia it's true:
On April 9, 2007, it was announced that Lionel will be doing a morning show on Air America Radio. Commencing May 14, his program will air in the 9 am-noon (ET) slot previously occupied by Sam Seder.
And if Wikipedia says it's true it must be true. ;)

I stopped listening to Lionel on WOR 710 Radio in New York City some months back. While I think he is funny sometimes I began to feel that he wasn't well prepared for his show every night. I felt he would assume a point of view that he really hadn't thought through.

I found the most annoying thing about Lionel was his use of "big" words, I think to intimidate his audience. I'm sure he's never heard the first rule of creative writing, "Don't use a complicated word when a simple one will do." Using words to impress readers or listeners shows that your content has no significance or importance. I could have said "heft" but it's not necessary.

I hope Lionel spends time revamping his show and doing the research necessary to support a really good liberal and progressive talk show.

Oh, and BTW, he's GOT to get someone to work on his website...

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