Saturday, March 24, 2007

Naomi struts her stuff after assaulting maid

I watched Naomi Campbell strut her stuff as she left the Manhattan District 3 Garage on the East River after completing her court-ordered sanitation duty for assaulting her maid. She threw a crystal-encrusted phone at the maid, Ana Scolavino, who required stitches. I read in the Guardian Unlimited that she will also has to take anger management classes.

Well that's good because she doesn't seem to have learned anything by her work at the Sanitation Department.

She left the department wearing a glamorous, flashy, silvery, long gown smiling broadly for the cameras. Not a trace of humility or repentance for assaulting Ms. Scolavino over a missing pair of jeans.

And the media didn't make it any better by videotaping her, calling out to her and laughing and appreciating her pompous bearing.

I'm ashamed of you, Naomi.


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