Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hey folks, I'll be on vacation for a while so I offer you all my previous posts to read. By the time you've read them all I'll be back and ready to take up the ol' keyboard once again. I'll miss you guys, don't miss me. Here are some interesting pictures for your enjoyment:

Adirondack Mountain Stream, 1902

Vintage photochromes from the American Photochrome Archive have rarely been available since the early 1900's. Many original photochromes, as well as stunning contemporary pigment prints, are now offered exclusively through The Times.

The American Photochrome Archive is the world's largest collection of vintage photochromes. The first widely available form of color photography, photochromes were created mainly between 1898 to 1900, a majority by noted photographer William Henry Jackson.

Blue Mountain From Eagle Lake, Adirondacks, 1902

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Dheeraj said...

Wow..those are some pictures!
Hmm..yeah,'The Sea' is one of the most artistic books I've read in a long time.. Which was the last one?..Hmm.. Salman Rushdie's 'Midnight's Children',I think..that is my all time favourite but that's another matter.. ;)
Yeah,I am pretty fine now..And thanks a lot for your concern.. :)