Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Limbaugh is irrelevant

From AOL News:

Updated:2007-03-21 11:50:04
Schwarzenegger Calls Limbaugh 'Irrelevant'
SACRAMENTO, California (March 21) -- Rush Limbaugh likes to call himself "The Most Dangerous Man in America" (I thought that was John Elliot of Air America) because critics have long worried about how his powerful radio show shapes the political landscape.

And then came California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger , who frankly told "The Today Show" Tuesday that "Limbaugh is irrelevant."

Atta' boy, Arnold!



Leon Blumfeld said...

I'm proud of Arny for saying that!!!

Anonymous said...

"At least we can still smoke stogies together."


the teach said...

At least you can...I quit smoking 2 + years ago. :( No cigarettes, no stogies for me.