Monday, March 12, 2007

Fox News propaganda and disinformation

From No Quarter by Larry C. Johnson:

Jurassicpork from his Welcome to Pottersville blog has compiled an incredible list of videos and web articles from Fox 5 News. It shows the propaganda and disinformation that has been spewing from that news source since its inception. It just can't be missed.

As another blog put it: Fox News at its Finest.

Here it is.

And in addition, John Edwards is the first candidate to refuse Fox News to debate in Nevada. Good for him.



jurassicpork said...

Hey, Teach. As a fellow liberal and published poet, let me be the first to say thank you for the link.

Come to think of it, who would be second, besides Larry Johnson?

the teach said...

Jurassic, I'm proud to receive a thank you from you. Keep up the good work!

Notalib said...

Just wondering why are lp's only upset when it comes to just the conservative news networks, why are they not as equally upset with the liberal news networks and their slant...I think we all know that answer

the teach said...

Notalib, what liberal news networks?

Notalib said...

teach I know that is not a serious question but I will play a long. Start with MSNBC.

the teach said...

okay, Notalib. But you'll have to excuse me now I'm listening to radio Air America. :)