Monday, March 05, 2007

Avoiding Genocide in Iraq

Chris Suellentrop "The Opinionator" (NYT) makes the point by way of Samantha Power of the LA Times, that we don't have to stay in Iraq because there are no grounds for believing that our staying is holding off the horrors of ethnic cleansing. Ms. Power says the situation in Iraq, even with our soldiers there, is deteriorating into wholesale genocide.

In fact Ms. Power suggests that U.S. withdrawal may be the best way to end ethnic cleansing in Iraq:
Unfortunately, many of those who favor a U.S. exit have recklessly waved off atrocity warnings or taken to blaming Iraqis for their plight. What is needed to stave off even greater carnage than we see today is neither assuming massacres won't happen nor suspending thought until the surge has demonstrably failed in six months — at which point other options may no longer be viable. (bolding, mine) Rather, we must announce our intention to depart and use the intervening months to prioritize civilian protection by pursuing a bold set of measures combining political pressure, humanitarian relocation and judicial deterrence.
Read Ms. Power's article here.


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