Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ted Haggard now "completely heterosexual"

Just thought you'd like to know if you don't already...

Ted Haggard has been cured. He now says he's is completely heterosexual. One of four ministers who oversaw three weeks of intensive counseling for the Rev. Ted Haggard said the disgraced minister emerged convinced that he is "completely heterosexual." (Yahoo News)

Ted and his wife, Gayle, are going to pursue master's degrees in psychology. The oversite committee recommended that Haggard et al. move away from Colorado Springs and get out of the religion business. The Haggards have agreed.

Slate Magazine has a copy of the e-mail Haggard sent to his pastor about his plans for the future.

Here's a quote from the e-mail:

"...they sent Gayle and me to Phoenix for a three week psychological intensive that gave us three years worth of analysis and treatment."

Who is he kidding?
theteach :)

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