Friday, January 26, 2007

Bad Arolsen Holocaust Archive

A good friend of mind sent me this link to the CBS "60 Minutes" documentary about the Bad Arolsen Holocaust archive.

The archive has been closed for 60 plus years and contains information on the 17 million people, not just Jews, but slave laborers, political prisoners and homosexuals. It is now going to be open to the public and contains thousands of filing cabinets, 50 million pages. The information which had been kept assiduously by Nazi officials lists such minute details as how many lice each person had on their head.

The storerooms are immense, holding 16 miles of shelves.

Paul Shapiro, Director of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, when asked why do you think the Nazis kept such meticulous and detailed records on people who were going to be put to death anyway, said "Because they wanted to show they were getting the job done. So, in terms of people whose destiny was to be murdered, recording how well that was being done was very important."

The link above is to the the entire documentary on "60 Minutes." Watch it.

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