Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Iraq Study Group recommends that George W. Bush resign from office and that U.S. citizens should buy the energy efficient Toyota Prius Hybrid. No, No that's just a joke!! (Unconfirmed sources)

Here's the real thing...

NOTES FROM ABC TV Special Report 11:02 AM Wednesday morning

The Iraq Study Group Report "The Way Forward: A New Approach" has been presened by the Baker group. 96 pages long, 70 some-odd recomendations in it.

Report calls for a change of mission. Training Iraqi forces to take over the peace-keeping and security of the country.

Mr. Hamilton, co-chair of the Iraq Study Group, addressed the nation:

"Situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating."
"The current approach is not working"
"We recommend a new approach"
"We recommend a new transition"
"We recommend the U.S. begin to move their forces out of Iraq responsibly."

"The primary purpose of US military in Iraq should evolve into supporting the Iraqi army."

Mr. Baker said: "We do not recommend a "stay the course" approach."

Mr. Hamilton: "The situation today in Iraq is very, very serious. We do not know if we can turn it around."

Three recommendations:
Change in primary mission. Would permit the withdrawal of primary American troops.
Getting various ethnic groups to cooperate.
Engagement with other countries in the region.

And the best of all recommendations? #41: Tell Iraqi government that the US will withdraw troops even if the Iraqi leaders do not reach benchmarks.


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