Wednesday, August 23, 2006

England's Rabbi Speaks Out

My friend sent me an e-mail this afternoon that contained an excerpt from an inspiring speech by The Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks:

Speech at Solidarity Rally for Israel
Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks
Jew's Free School, Kenton, London, July 23, 2006

...Today I want a message to go forth from us to Israel to say: Israel, you make us proud. In a mere 58 years, in a country half the size of Lake Michigan, you have done things that are unbelievable. You have gathered together Jews from more than a hundred different countries speaking more than eighty different languages and out of them made a great nation. You have taken a land with no natural resources and turned it into one of the great economies of the modern world. You have created a democracy in a part of the world where no one thought it possible. You have taken a desolate land and made it blossom and bear fruit. You have developed medical technologies to save life. Wherever in the world there has been a natural disaster, you have been among the first to offer humanitarian aid. Through six decades under almost continuous threat you have given the world poets and philosophers and musicians and novelists whose heart is Jewish and whose love is for all humanity. You have taken the language of the Bible and made it speak again you have taken a people from the valley of the shadow of death and made it live again. You have taken hope itself - hatikvah shnot alpayim - and made it breath again. Israel: you are our people and our pride and we stand with you today...

(The full speech can be found at The Jewish Federation of Washington)

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