Friday, July 28, 2006

"Outa Sight" Photography Web Site

Take a look at this incredible web site: On the site are such things as:

stuff people write on money
found photos (lots of them are pictures of people in the 50s)
calvary veterans park (Queens)
photos taken with a treo
queensborough bridge (NYC)
the towers of light (NYC)
piano music
the gates, christo, central park

And there's a LOT more on his site, a LOT! I ended up looking at some of his pictures (he has a massive amount). They are unusual, expressive of his own interests, sometimes funny. And there are stories. I haven't read any of them but that's my next project.

What I admire most is the sheer amount of material and the obvious work that went into the design of the site. The site belongs to Mark A Thomas. He's been written up in the New York Times and other papers. Go see it!

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