Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Adversarial Press

Isn't it kind of funny that both the Conservatives and the Progressive, Ultra-liberal Air America jump all over the media, the mainstream press?

A couple of nights ago I began listening to Air America and was surprised to hear the moderator calling the press "lapdogs" of the Bush Administration!

Now I know a few Conservatives and ALL THEY DO is complain that the mainstream press is out to get Bush and reports all the negative stuff they can find on him and his administration, as well as, the Iraq war, of course.

Now I have to think about this for a while... what exactly then IS the press doing?I've always thought of the press as a liberal, adversarial press with the important job of being "watchdog" of any US administration.

Being ADVERSARIAL! That's what the Founding Fathers intended wasn't it?I've always been thankful for a press that reports what it considers true and fair and what it considers negative, freedom-threatening, activities of the Federal government.

The NYTimes had every right to publish what it did regarding the activities of the Bush administration. It held the information back for a good amount of time and then decided to publish because they thought it was the right thing for an adversarial press to do. Thank god they did. I want to know what the administration is doing!! Stay tuned. Feel free to comment.

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